SM Arabians

SM Arabians is located in the Alamo city San Antonio, Texas.
We are conveniently located 30 minutes from the beautiful River Walk.
Owned & operated by Silvio De Oliveira Moraes since November 2007.
After years of training & showing Arabian horses in his native Brazil, Silvio came to the United States in January 2000, he has shown at local, regional, and national level for major farms and breeders all over the country.
Now with all the experience aquired through the  years,  he is on his own doing what he does best.
His passion and dedication for the Arabian horses is noticeble when performing.

 * 9640 Huntress Lane * San Antonio, TX 78255
*Silvio-(210)897-1768  Giovanna-(210)262-0612   
E-mail smhorsetrainer@aol.com or giovanna.moraes@aol.com
Silvio Moraes